Placer Ultimate Brewing Society

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The Placer Ultimate Brewers Society’s mission is to promote the spirit of goodwill and fellowship between members while dedicating its efforts toward the advancement of Placer County’s beer culture by:

  • educating its members and the public on the complexities of beer
  • educating its members and the public on the brewing process
  • and the sponsorship of club events and involvement in local community activities

Our general membership meetings are free to attend and open to the public (of legal drinking age). We meet the third Thursday of each month, and at each meeting we include:

  • a discussion of a particular beer style
  • commercial beer samples
  • homebrew judging

Each month we focus on a different beer style. The 2014/2015 monthly styles are listed below:

October 2015 Double IPA 4+ Weeks to Brew
November 2015 Sour Beers Brew Time Varies
December 2015 Brewer’s Best (Any Style) Brew Time Varies
January 2016 Wood Aged Beers Brew Time Varies
February 2016 American Lager 6+ Weeks to Brew
March 2016 Stouts 4+ Weeks to Brew
April 2016 Belgian Style 30-90 Days to Brew
May 2016 Wheat Beers (>40% Wheat) 30 Days to Brew
June 2016 Brewer’s Best Brew Time Varies